External Modules

Using AWS SDK V2

In the AWS SDK you will often have to convert a string to a string pointer. For that we can use the “String” function of “github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go-v2/aws”.

Create programm with external module

mkdir moremodules
cd moremodules
go mod init moremodules


go: creating new go.mod: module moremodules

Create a main.go:

vi main.go
  1 package main
  3 import (
  4         "fmt"
  5         "github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go-v2/aws"
  6 )
  8 func main() {
  9   aStringPointer := aws.String("Hi")
 10   fmt.Println(aStringPointer)
 11   fmt.Println(*aStringPointer)
 12 }
package main

import (


func main() {
	aStringPointer := aws.String("Hi")

In line 5 we reference and import the github repository “https://github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go-v2".


When we run the the programm:

go run main.go

We get the error

main.go:6:2: no required module provides package github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go-v2/aws; to add it:
	go get github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go-v2/aws

To use the module we have to get it. There are several ways to do this:

	go get github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go-v2/aws

To just get this single module, or:

go mod tidy

To get all modules:


go: finding module for package github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go-v2/aws
go: found github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go-v2/aws in github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go-v2 v1.9.0

The referenced modules are also stored in the file go.mod:

 cat go.mod
module moremodules

go 1.17

require github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go-v2 v1.9.0

require github.com/aws/smithy-go v1.8.0 // indirect

Run again

go run main.go



In the first line the adress the string pointer points to is shown and in the second line we tell fmt.Println with the * to interpret the variable as a string pointer, which shows the string content.

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