Container deployment with arm architecture

The AWS Graviton ARM based compute resources are in most cases faster than intel/amd resources..

The CDK Construct

			Architecture:                 awslambda.Architecture_ARM_64(),
			FunctionName:                 aws.String("hellodockerarm"),
			MemorySize:                   aws.Float64(1024),
			Timeout:                      awscdk.Duration_Seconds(aws.Float64(300)),
			Code:                         awslambda.DockerImageCode_FromImageAsset(&dockerfile, &awslambda.AssetImageCodeProps{}),

The CDK supports the new Architecture type and the container deployment.

The architecture which Lambda runs in the configured here:

Architecture: awslambda.Architecture_ARM_64(),

And the deployment type is just defined here:

Code:awslambda.DockerImageCode_FromImageAsset(&dockerfile, &awslambda.AssetImageCodeProps{}),

The Dockerfile

You only have to change one line in the Dockerfile:

RUN env GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm64 go build -o=/main

This tells GO to build for the arm/Graviton architecture.

See the full source on github.