Create a GO Lambda Resource

For this starter lambda, we create a Lambda Resource with the AWS Console.

Create a GO Lambda Resource in the AWS Console

  • Navigate to Service Lambda
  • Click “Create Function”

Lambda Console

Fill Form

  1. Choose author from scratch Choose this to code our own function
  2. Use gosimple as the function name. As we refer to this name when we deploy the code, this is the primary ID for the function.
  3. This is the runtime. As we are coding GO, we choose “Go 1.x”. With other languages, you would have to change this with each new minor version change. With GO, it is “1.x”, no matter if you use GO 1.13 or GO 1.17 or GO 1.x.
  4. Use X86 as architecture. We must build the GO code for this target architecture.
  5. After filling all parameters, click the button Create Function

This creates the Lambda resource as well as a necessary IAM Role.

Change the handler

After the function is created, go to the Code tab and update the Runtime Settings

Lambda Console runtime settings

  1. Change the Handler name to main

Now we can code a function.

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See the full source on github.